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National Service Scheme

NSS Stands for National Service Scheme. The main objective of the National Service Scheme is service to the community, offered while undergoing instruction, in an educational institution. It was sought to increase the social consciousness of students and provide them the opportunity to work with the people in the society. It provides the platform to the students to relate their received education to social use. The primary aim of the scheme is to enable the students to upgrade their personality and experience through community service. Every year 24th September is celebrated as NSS Day.

The motto of the NSS is “Not Me But You”. This imbibes the democratic and selfless living and motivates students to participate in social activities for the betterment of people. It underlines the welfare of an individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of the society as a whole.

Swami Ramanand Teerth Mahavidyalaya has an efficient unit of 300 volunteers. The main objective is to give the students best educational experience in order to make them responsible and productive citizens of the country. It has undertaken many socially and environmentally viable programs which are very much helpful to the society.

The Principal, Dr. P. R. Tharkar is the Chairman of NSS Unit. Dr. K. B. Chakre, Dr. D. L. Sonwane and Dr. G.S.Gadekar the NSS Program Officers.

Activity Reports 

Extension Activities carried out in neighborhood community, sensitizing students to social issues, for their holistic development.

Extension activities conducted by institution through NSS/NCC, etc.