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Establishment  June 1970       


Tenure of the H.O.D.

Sr. No.

Name of the Head


Prof. E.M. Kulkarni

2 Ms. Prof. R.S. Paranjape
3 Prof. R.P. Rathor
4 Prof. S.K. Jogdand
5 Prof. C.D. Bhandari
6 Prof. Y.S. Handibag


Dr. Dhanaji W. Arya


Vision / Mission / Goals / Objectives

Vision The vision of the department is to provide quality education to the students of rural area. The department always tries to encourage the students to indulge themselves in various activities for their personality development. The department takes dedicated efforts to forge a holistic educational growth introducing innovative teaching-learning methods.


Mission Today, English is the window to the knowledge of the worldand the department has the mission to enable its students to know and understand an effective way to meet the demands of the age.To make the students able to understand language, literature and the advanced areas of research in this field. To enable them to overcome the difficulties caused due to the lack of proper knowledge of the language.


Goals / Objectives


  • To ensure the students get proper knowledge of the language, literature and research.
  • To make the language a medium to understand different areas of knowledge and cultures.


  • To develop effective communication skills with modern teaching aids.
  • To encourage the students to make effective use of English language.
  • To develop the personality of the students with positive attitude through training in the language.


  • To undertake research work in emerging areas of the language and literature.
  • To encourage the students to undertake research through projects based on the prescribed syllabus.


Head of Department (Present)

Name   Dr. Arya Dhanaji Wamanrao
Education   M.A., B.Ed., SET, M.Phil., Ph.D
Contact  9158639888









 Names of Programmes / Courses offered

Sr. No

Name of the Programme


Intake capacity

    1. B.A. I, II & III

3 Years


   2. B.Com. I, II & III

3 Years





Staff Details

Sr. No Name of the Teacher Qualification Designation
1. Dr. D.W. Arya M.A., SET Head & Asst. Professor
2. Dr. G.P. Aaklod M.A., B.Ed., SET, NET Asst. Professor
3.     Asst. Professor
4.     Asst. Professor
5.     Asst. Professor


Student Strength  

Class/ Year 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017
B.A.I Comp. 155 161 170 155 209
B.A.I Opt. 24 19 18 14 34
B.A.II Comp. 61 120 135 112 130
B.A. II Opt. 07 20 18 15 13
B.A.III Opt. 11 09 14 14 15
B.A. III Main 10 08 08 11 15
Total 268 337 363 321 416

Result for the year 2018 to 2023



1. Research Guidance  

Sr. No.  Name of Scholar Title Date of Registration Name of Supervisor Status Evidences
1. Mr. Ravi Rajasaheb Mane A Comparative Study of Man Booker Prize Novels of J. M. Coetzee and Peter Carey 22/11/2021 Dr. D. W. Arya On going  
2 Miss. Sayeda Rozina Tarannum Syed Abdul Karim Development of Oral Communication Skills in English Using First Framework Among the Students of Selected Urdu Medium Schools In Beed District 22/11/2021 Dr. D. W. Arya On going  
3 Mr. Yogesh Girishrao Dhoble Adaptation of elected Novels of Kazouo Ishiguro and John Green into Film; A comparative Study of Changes in Narrative Techniques. 22/11/2021 Dr. D. W. Arya On going  
4 Mr. Manoj Karpe Postmodern elements in the Selected Novels of Zadie Smith and Kazuo Ishiguro: A Study. 22/11/2021 Dr. D. W. Arya On going  
5 Mr. Sambhaji Mantre Multidimensional female Characters in Select works of Chimamanda Ngozi adichie and Madhuri Banergjee 22/11/2021 Dr. D. W. Arya On going  
6 Miss. Surekha Dhimdhime Critical Study of Casteism in the Autobiographies of Shantabai Kamble, urmila Pawar, Sujatha Gidla. 22/11/2021 Dr. D. W. Arya On going  

2. Research Project

Sr. No.  Name of the Teacher Project Title  Name of Funding Agency Duration of the Project Amount Status  Evidences
1. NIL            

3. Research Publication

A. Research Papers in Peer-Reviewed or UGC listed Journals

1. Dr. Dhanaji Wamanrao Arya

Sr. No.  Year Title of the Paper Journal Name, Page No., Volume No., Year of publication ISSN/ISBN No. Impact Factor No. of Co-Authors
 1 2018-19 Baby Kamble’s The Prisons We Broke: The Rebel against the Patriarchal Society Page 89-91 UGC Approved Research Journey International Multidisciplinary E-Research Journal ISSN 2348 7143    
 2 2020-21 Critical Analysis of Shakespear’s Heroins From Four Great Tragedies NIU Journal of Human Rights ISSN 2394-0298    
 3 2021-22 Critical Analysis Of Coleridge’s Views On ‘Fancy’ and ‘Imagination’ Utkal Historical research Journal Vol.XXXIV ISSN 0976-2132    
 4 2021-22 John Donne as a Metaphysical Poet-An Overview Journal  of Education Vol.XXIII No.8 ISSN 0972-7175    
 5 2021-22 Thematic Study Of Old and Middle English Literature International Journal of Humanities,Law and Social Sciences Vol.VIII Issue II ISSN 2348-8301    
 6  2022-23 A  Study of Multicultarism in the Novelof zaide Smith’s  ‘White Teeths’ Humanities and Social Science Studies  Vol.12, Issue 02 No.5 ISSN 2319-829X    
 7  2022-23 Caste And Gender Discrimination Portraued in Bama’s Karukku and Sangati Journal of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai  Vol.XCVI  No.26 ISSN 0972-0766    
8 2022-23 The Theme of Racial Discrimination in J.M. Coetzee’s   ‘Disgrace’ Humanities and Social Science Studies  Vol.12, Issue 02 No.3 ISSN 2319-829X    
9 2022-23 Depiction of Native Americans Culture in ‘House made of Dawn’ Byn. Scott Momady. Journal of the oriental Institute  Vol.72. Issue 03. No.01 ISSN 0030-5324    


B. Books Published

Sr. No.  Name of the Teacher/ Authors Title of the Book Name of Publication Year of Publication ISBN Scanned copy of Front and Last page of Book

C. Chapters Published in Books

Sr. No.  Name of the Teacher/ Authors Title of the Book Title of Chapters Year of Publication ISBN Scanned copy of Front and Last page of Book
1. Dr. D. W. Arya   

Literature as a source of Peace

Page- 39-42

Aaditya Publication Latur


2 Dr. D. W. Arya   

Confessionalism in Poetry of Kamala Das


Literatures in English

Newman Publication Aurangabad


D. Editor of Book with ISSN / ISBN by National Publisher

Sr. No.  Title of the Book Publisher Name and ISSN/ISBN No. International/ National Publisher 

E. Translation works in Indian and Foreign Languages by Qualified Faculties

Sr. No.  Original Title of Chapter or Research Paper/ Book with Page No. and ISSN/ISBN No. Name of Original Author Translated Title of Chapter or Research Paper/ Book with Page No. and ISSN/ISBN No.

4. Creation of ICT mediated Teaching Learning Pedagogy and Content

Sr. No.  Title of Innovative Pedagogy Sponcered agency   (If any) Types of Teaching-learning Environments : Face-to-face/ Networked/ Open and Distance/ Virtual / if any  Specify ICTs resources : web link : YouTube Videos-Audios/ Smart Classroom / Simulation Games/ Blogging / Online Discussion Forums / Telecasts/ Pictures/ Models/ Charts  Date of approval from authority  Date of Implementation 

Dr. D. W. Arya (YouTube)



5. Awards / Fellowship

Sr. No Name of Award / Fellowship  Date of Received  International/National/ State Name of Awardees Academic Body/ Association 
1 International Prime Award 26 Feb 2023 International Sarnath Education & Research Pvt. Ltd. & Prime World Records

6. Invited lectures / Resource Person / Paper presentation in seminars / Conferences/ Full Papers in conference Proceedings

Sr. No. Name Level Date No. of Participants Report with Photographs