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Yogeshwari Boys Hostel

Shri. Yogeshwari education society the parental society runs three hostels named Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Boys’ Hostel, Yogeswari Boys’ Hostel and Yogeshwari Girls’ Hostel. The first two are built by Yogeshwari Education Society while the Girls’ hostel is built with the assistance of UGC, New Delhi. The hostels have 62, 30 and 15 rooms. The rooms are properly ventilated and provided with fans, CFL bulbs. CCTV cameras are installed in Yogeswari  Boys’ Hostel and Yogeshwari Girls’ Hostel.  Also the rooms are furnished with cots, cupboards (lockers), chairs and a study tables. Also the hostel is well secured and guarded for 24 Hrs. There is a mess attached to the hostels. The capacity of hostels is 250, 100 and 60 respectively. There is a Solar system fitted in the hostels. The hostels include office, visitor’s room, hostel library, reading room and dining hall. Hostel bank is maintained for the welfare of students. The responsibility of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Hostel is shouldered by Swami Ramanand Teerth Mahavidyalaya. The expenses are borne not only by the management of Yogeshwari education society but also by the teaching and non-teaching staff by regular economic support from each month’s salary. The lodging and boarding is provided at the subsidized rate. Most of the boys who come from rural area reside over here.  The construction of the new building for Mahtma Phule Boys’ hostel is under process.

Managing Committee:–>

  • Hostel In-charge – Shri. N. K. Golegaonkar(Joint Secretary, YES),
  • Advisors: Shri. M.S. Lomate (Joint Secretary, YES), Dr. G. I. Rathod (Principal, S.R.T.M. Ambajogai),
  • Medical Advisors: Dr. Eknath Nagargoje.
  • Rector: Shri. Bijaysing Bhabardode,
  • Supporting Staf: Shri Babasaheb Sonkamble, Shri Ravindra Joshi (Cook).

Student Committee:–>

  • Cleaning Committee: Andil Suhas Rajabhau.
  • Food Committee: Mundhe Mahadev Vishnu.
  • Discipline Committee: Sakhare Manoj Pandurang.
  • Sports Committee: Sakhare Ramesh Gopal.
  • Cultural Committee: Kumbhar Rameshwar Laxman.
  • Environment Committee: Shirsat Suryaprakash Ramesh.

Hostel Rules :–>

  1.  A student admitted to Yogeshwari Education Society’s all units only shall be eligible to apply for admission to hostel.
  2. Students will have to apply for admission in the prescribed form through the Rector.
  3. Admission will be granted by management at its own discretion.
  4. Admission to the hostel will be confirmed and room will be allotted only after the student pays hostel fees and deposits and submits receipts in the hostel office.
  5. For students, whose result of earlier annual/semester is pending may be admitted to the hostel only provisionally. Admission of such students shall be confirmed after the declaration of result and only if they become eligible for succeeding year of study.
  6. Admission to the hostel will be valid only for one academic year.
  7. Student desirous of continuing admission in the hostel for the next academic year will have to follow the same procedure as prescribed for first year admission in the hostel. The admission to such student will be given only by seeing his behavior in the previous year of stay in the hostel and as per the merit decided by hostel management. Ill disciplined students will not be given admission in the hostel for next academic year.

Hostel Fee and Deposits :–>

  1. Hostel Fee For one Academic Year Rs.9000/- ,
  2. Hostel Deposits Rs.1000/-
  3. Mess fees charged on no profit no loss basis which occurs approximately 700-800 per month.

Cancellation of Hostel Admission & Refund of Fees & Deposits :–>

1) Cancellation of admission – The student desirous of canceling Hostel admission will have to apply in his own handwriting to the concerned Rector.

2) Refund of hostel fees:- The fees once paid is not refundable Except certain special circumstances shown bellow,

  1.  When the student cancels his admission in the college.
  2. When the College Principal cancels admission of the student on technical ground.
  3. The following deductions will be made in the refundable amount

(Note – No refund of fees will be given if a student leaves the Hostel on his own or is removed from the Hostel or College on the ground of misbehavior in the hostel or in the college.)

  1. Refund of Deposits
  1. 1) The deposits will be refunded only after the student has obtained the clearance certificate ( No dues certificate) from the college as well as from the Hostel.
  2. 2) The refund of fees and deposit shall ordinarily be made by cheque/cash within three months from the date of cancellation of admission in the college and the hostel.

Tenure of Rector

Sr. No Name of Rector From To
01 Shri. Raosaheb Deshmukh Start 1968
02 Shri. Balaseheb Kannadkar 1968 1969
03 Smt. Shindhutai Paranjape 1969 02-05-1971
04 Prof. P.D.Choudhary 03-05-1971 03-05-1972
05 Shri. Kalegaonkar 04-05-1972 14-06-1973
06 Prof. R. P. Rathod 15-06-1973 11-05-1976
07 Prof. G. D. Humbad 12-05-1976 01-05-1977
08 Prof. Laxmikant Nilekar 02-05-1977 12-06-1980
09 Prof .N. S. Jalde 13-06-1980 29-04-1986
10 Prof. R. N. Hajari 30-04-1986 31-05-1992
11 Prof. Keshav Deshpande 01-06-1992 10-05-1993
12 Prof. S. V. Gosavi 11-05-1993 14-04-1997
13 Prof. S. S. Deshmukh 15-04-1997 11-06-2000
14 Prof. S. P. Kulkarni 12-06-2000 22-01-2006
15 Prof. R. Y. Kulkarni 23-01-2006 16-06-2010
16 Prof. R. S. Sontakke 17-06-2010 30-06-2011
17 Prof. B. K. Bhabardode 01-07-2011 To till  date