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Yogeshwari Boys Hostel

Mahatma Phule Boys Hostel 

The vision of the institution aims at imparting the quality higher education to rural, deprived and weaker sections of the society to make them competent and self-dependent to face global challenges by inculcating the values of patriotism, healthy citizenship, democracy, social equality, justice and humanitarianism among them. Our institute runs a hostel on no profit basis since almost the inception of the high school of the Shri. Yogeshwari Education Society. It was observed that a sizable section of the society living on hand-to-mouth economy was not able to avail this no profit facility and therefore was deprived of higher education. In June 1967, the then management decided to provide free lodging and boarding to these economically challenged parents wards. Initially 5 rooms were constructed through Shramadaan by students, teachers, and management members. Soon 50 rooms for 250 students were made available.

This was named after Mahatma Phule. For 15 years it was free of cost totally. Later on nominal charges were taken, with concessions to the more needy. At present we charge Rs. 1000/ for full year stay and Rs. 400/- per month for twice a day meals. This has been possible only because of the contributions made by the teaching, nonteaching staff and management. In centenary celebrations of the Shri.Yogeshwari Education Society, parent institute of the college has under taken a project through stakeholders’ participation, to build a well-equipped and well-furnished hostel and make it available to the needy students at the same charges. The building work is half way through and we are sure to complete it in near future. Mahatma Phule hostel is a unique community service helping the marginalized students.

The intension of this facility is not only providing students the lodging and boarding but also making them self-dependent through various activities such as cultivating vegetables in the hostel premises, preparing compost and organic fertilizers, motivating them to be self-dependent by doing part time work such as catering, Newspaper distribution and part time jobs at different firms. Faculty members take extra efforts to make them ready for the jobs by inculcating Communication, Marketing, Accounting and leadership skills. This hostel facility brought the socially and economically deprived students in the mainstream of education and made them self-reliance. The values inculcated among the students of the hostel enable them to give social and economic contribution for the society as well as nation. As the part of the same, most of the Alumni of the hostel donate for the hostel and the Yogeshwari Education Society.

The construction of the Mahatma Phule Boys Hostel building is completed with the donations given by well wishers and alumni. Shri Yogeshwari Education Society received donations of Rs. 47,56,330 for the construction of hostel building in the 2020-21. The distinctiveness of the building construction is the alumni and well-wishers contributions.