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Establishment : 1974

Tenure of H.O.D:

Shaikh Abdul Rauf Abdul Rasheed  08-Nov-2005 to till to day


Vision The Holy Quran is started with the word ‘IQRA’. That is an Arabic word and its meaning is ‘Read’ or ‘Learn’. Education is the basic need of human beings,then The Holy Quran tells all human beings “Read first and then Learn Good things to survive whole life in better way.” Therefore this word ‘IQRA’ is Our Vision.
Mission To inculcate and teach good things like language, communication, literature etc. through Urdu Language generally to Muslim students, for effectiveand peaceful life keeping in view the human values like patriotism, healthy citizenship, democracy, social equality, integrity, secularism, justice, upliftment of the weaker section of society and non violence.
Objectives/ Goals
  • To help in increasing the students’ ability to express themselves both orally and written.
  • To develop the students’ literacy power.
  • To improve reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in the students.
  • To help the students get basic information regarding language and literatur

Name            : Shri. Shaikh A. R.

Education    : M.A., B.Ed., NET

Contact        : 9421345637








   Graduate Level Course

Sr. No. Name of Courses/ Program Duration Eligibility Intake Capacity Admission Procedure
1) B.A. [Urdu] 3 Yrs 12th Pass   On Merit Basis






Staff Details

Sr. No Name of the Teacher Qualification Designation Experience
1. Dr. Shaikh Abdul Rauf M.A.B.ed.NET H.O.D  & Asso. Professor 13 Year
2. Smt. Dr. Wahida Yousuf Pathan M.A., B.ed., Ph.D Asst. Professor 2022-23
3. Smt. Isharat Shaikh   Asst. Professor 2022-23


Workload Distribution

Programme Total workload of Department Total workload of permanent Faculty Lecture delivered by temporary Faculty Practical classes handled by Temporary faculty
B.A.      40       20       8 28.57% No %






 Student Strength  







B.A. I 13  10  17  23  20
B.A. II 03  13  08  13  14
B.A. III 03  03  07  08  09


Student Teacher Ratio

Level Years B.A.-I B.A.-II B.A.III Total No.of  Teacher Student Teacher Ratio
 UG 2012-13 13 03 03 19 01 19
2013-14 10 13 3 26 01 26
2014-15 17 08 07 32 01 32
2015-16 23 13 08 44 01 44
2016-17 20 14 09 43 01 43






Result for the year 2018 to 2023



Workshop / Seminar


Title with Page Nos. Editor & Publisher

Date Of Conference

01 Revised Accreditation Framework of NAAC International Quality Assurance Cell S.R.T. Mahavidyalaya Ambajogai 9th September 2017
02 Research Paper Writing S.R.T Mahavidyalaya Ambajogai & Sm. P.PardikarSisala 28th November 2015
03 Choice Based Credit System in Higher Education Yogeshwari Mahavidyalaya Ambajagai 2nd March 2015
04 Revised syllabus of U.G level in subject Urdu NirmalKrida and SamajProbodhan Trusts Arts,science college Badnapur 20th January 2015
05 FaizEkPayamiShaer  (171-176) Milliya Arts Science&Manegment Science Collage Beed January 2015 cp
06 TarjumaNigariAurIstelahatKaTarjuma Sahafat Ky Hawley Se (190-197 Hamdard Public Library Beed February 2014 cp
07 Uniform syllabus of Urdu in Maharashtra University at degree level Yashwant Mahavidyalaya & S.R.T University Nanded 22nd February 2014
08 Bharat Kay Musalmanu Ki ShikshanikHalatRajendraSaccharCommetti Kay Hawale Say  (139-142) Manavloks College Of Social Sciences, Ambajogai February 2014 cp



Research Stage Title of Thesis University where the work has carried out
Ph.D. Sajjad Hydar Yaldram AUr Narayan Sitaram Phadke Ke afsano ka takuabul

(Tarjume ke hawale se)

Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Aurangabad


Research Publication (Published Papers in Journals)

Sr.No Title with page Nos. Journal ISSN/ISBN No. Editor & Publisher Date Of Publication
01 Urdu Adab kiNaiJahat 1935 Se 1975 Tak


New Vision Multi-disciplinary Research Journal (Beed)  

ISSN No. 2394-9996

AnjumanIshat-e-TaleemBeed MAS&MS College January 2016
02 Faiz Ek Payami Shaer


New Vision Multi Language Research Journal (Beed) ISSN No.2394-9996 Milliya Arts Science&Manegment Science Collage Beed  

January 2015


03 Tarjuma Nigari Aur Istelahat Ka Tarjuma Sahafat Ky Hawley Se (190-197 IstelahSaaziAurTarjumaNigari


ISBN 978-81-928515-4-9 Hamdard Public LibraryBeed February 2014


04 Maullana Abdul Kalam Aazad: Seyasi,Mazhabi,Taleemi,Maasharti Mulki Khidmat (12-20) Intrnational Research Journal in Urdu Language


ISSN:2278-0718 Dr. QudriSajid Ali SherpurDistDhule Oct-Dec 2012              
05 Bharat Kay Musalmanu Ki Shikshanik Halat Rajendra Sacchar Commetti Kay Hawale Say  (139-142) Exclusion And Inclusion Of Dalit And Minority Communities In India ISBN 978-93-83389-57-5 Manavloks College Of Social Sciences, Ambajogai February 2014


06 Film media aur aqliyatayn Minority discourses multidisciplinary approachesInt ISBN 978-93-82504-04-6 Lokseva Education SocityArt&Science College Aurangabad March 2013