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An all – round personality development is achieved by inculcating the habit of participating sports. The department has made available maximum facilities to the students. The gym is kept open from 6 am to 7.30 pm. We are working hard and trying to add more equipments to the department. Following are the activities to be mentioned:

  1. Mr. Thakre Rajesh Ruprao from B.Com. Class got selected in the University team through the competition held at Rahuri, under the Ashwamedh
  2. Our College team stood third in the merit rank in the inter-collegiate volleyball competition held at Aurangabad.
  3. Miss. Deshmukh Snehal and Pardeshi Arti got selected for the University volleyball team selection test
  4. Mr. Sonwane A.M. stood first in the University in long jump.

The department arranged different indoor and outdoor game competitions on different occasions like Students’ Council Elections, Annual Social Gathering, etc. Winners were awarded in a grand function.

Staff Details

1) Dr. Bhosle P.M. Head of Department M.P.Ed., Ph.D. 01 Year Experience

Infrastructure Details

Jeem 31 X 28 Ft. 16 Stage Maching,Double/Single Bar,Dambels Set etc.