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Sports Department



 The Department started from June 1970                                                                                                                  .
  • To create an enabling environment and act as a catalyst and facilitator for the promotion and development of youth and sports at regional, national and international levels.
  • To be responsive to the aspirations and needs of youth, empowering them for a better future and fostering a culture of sports among the citizens.
  • To inculcate the principles like duties, responsibilities, role of ideal citizen in the society.
  • To arrange study tours and field visit to various sports authorities.
  • To organize and inspire various programmers like student development camp.
Objectives/ Goals
  • To ensure the students get proper knowledge of the sports.
  • To make the language a medium to understand different areas of knowledge and cultures.


Tenure of the H.O.D.

Sr.No. Name Of HOD Qualification Duration
01 Prof, S.K. Phunde M.P.Ed.
02 Dr. Pravin Bhosle M.P.Ed., Ph.D.


Head of the Department (Present)

Name Dr. P.M. Bhosle
Education M.P.Ed.
Contact 9518725219









Names of Programmes / Courses offered

Sr. No Name of the Course Duration Intake capacity
1. U.G. (B.A.,B.Com) 3 Year  
2. P.G (M.A,M.Com) 2 Year  



Faculty Members

Sr. No Name of the Teacher Qualification Designation Experience
1. Dr. Pravin Bhosle M.P.Ed., Ph.D. Head & Physical Instructor 08 Year



Papers presented in International, National and State Level Conferences/ Seminars/ Workshops

Sr. No. Faculty Name Name of the Paper Name of the Seminars/Conferences/Workshops Organizer & Date



1 Dr. Pravin Bhosle   “Latest Research and Development in Physical Education and Sports at Local and Global Level”  College of Physical Education, Aurangabad. 31 Jan & 01 Feb, 2011 National
2 Dr. Pravin Bhosle   “Impact of Globalization on higher Education with special reference to Rural Maharashtra” S.R.T. Mahavidyala Ambajogai. 10 March 2012 National 
3 Dr. Pravin Bhosle   “Role of Physical Education and Yoga for the Women of Society” Maharashtra Mahavidyalay, Nilanga.15 & 16 Apr, 2012 National



Awards/Medals for Outstanding Performance in Sports 

Year University Rank Holder UG/PG Rank
2012-13 Hanumant Gaikwad UG  
2014-15 Ku.Kalwati Kendre UG Gold Medal
2015-16 Govind Kamble PG Inter-University
Cricket Team UG&PG Winner
2016-17 Vaijnath Munde UG Bronze Medal
Hanumant Gaikwad UG Bronze Medal
Kiran Kasbe UG Bronze Medal
Arun Gaikwad UG Bronze Medal
Ku. Zeenat Pathan PG Silver Medal
Cricket Team UG&PG Runner (Inter-Collegiate)




Sr. no. Particulars Year of Establishment Area/Size Quantity User Rate
1 Indoor Main Hall   90*120F 01  
Table Tennis   9*6 ft 01  
Badminton Court   44*20 ft 03  
Carom Boards/ Carom Coins   35*35” 03/06  
Chess Board     04  
2 Outdoor Ground     01  
Long Jump Pit   10*2.75 meter 01  
Triple jump Pit   10*2.75 meters 01  
Shot put Throw   1.135 meter circle 01  
Discs Throw   2.50 meter circle 01  
Hockey Field   91*55 meter 01  
Football Court   95*45 meter 01  
Hammer Throw   2.135 meter circle 01  
Volleyball Court   18*9 meter 01  
Cricket Ground   68.58 meter 01  
Kho Kho Ground   27*16 meters 01  
Kabbadi Ground   13*10 meters 01  
3 Gym   14*30 ft 01  
Multi Gym (Station)   16 station 01  
4. Yoga Centre   50*30 ft 01  
5. Physical Director’s Office   30*15 ft 01