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Principal’s Message





Dr. P. R. Tharkar

Dear young collegians!

The new millennium has begun, it has brought all new opportunities along with new challenges. The Millennium is a mixture of light and darkness. Humans are responsible for the darkness. As a great Indian Nobel Laureate writes, “we have to create a heaven here in India”—not out of place to go for the Complete Revolution stated by Jayprakash Narayan. The youth is hot and bold, he is fully potent. He possesses all guts and capacities to face the challenges and do away all the social, political, moral, educational and other evils. It is not only our Nation’s call, it is the call of the world humanity. We must believe in revolutionary evolution bringing man liberty, equality, fraternity, justice and secularism. There is a new positive LPG Wave in the present world, we have to keep pace with the circumstances and bring our dreams into reality—very soon we have to be a ‘Superpower’ in all senses for which only one religion (principle) can save us— “where the tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection.”

The society, country, the world humanity is incessantly calling the youth to restore all the moral and cultural values to stop the world from its final fatal downfall. We have to build India, our world for which creation of ideal citizenship is in your hands. I would like to appeal to you to keep all the doors open as far as the world knowledge is concerned and help the humanity to have the sense of fruitfulness of life. No doubt this is the world of competitions, not out of place it would be to say, that the aim of perfection can be achieved by human beings following the healthy competitions. You are fully capable, nature endows you with all powers, I want you to prove your mettle and contribute to your highest might to the development of Indian society and also don’t forget to preserve of which the whole world is envious, the Indianness, the Indian culture. Today’s political system must have stirred you. You have to think and rethink of the question—Politics for what? I feel the political principles laid down by our great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar are being ignored. Instead of a fully developed democratic country, we are traveling towards anarchy (?).

Dear youths, once again we are waiting for another sunrise where everyone would be free, happy getting all his needs and requirements fulfilled. We all have to wipe out whatever dirt, evil is spread over our minds and achieve our final goal of making this world a place of peace, joy, tranquility and contentment. I wish you all the best in serving our society and country and never forget the sacrifices made by our great leaders before and after independence. Towards the close, I would like to request you not to waste your time and energy but go ahead with the firm decision of building our world civilization—human religion.