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Library is the soul of the college. It is our great privilege that we have a rich and big library with variety of books, references, magazines, research journals besides text books of junior college, under graduate and post graduate classes. It is a matter of our pride that our library is one of the most self-sufficient and admired libraries in the region of Marathwada.

The library has three main sections:

  • Graduate Section
  • Post graduate Section
  • Night Library Section

A) Graduate Section

It is a special and unique feature of our college that we have a separate big and spacious building for library which is situated near the main building of the college. There are 150 qualitative and referential valuable magazines and journals available in our library.

This section has following units:

  • Administrative unit: This is the controlling unit where classification and cataloguing of books, reference books service and other activities related to supervision take place.
  • Reading Hall: A separate and spacious reading hall accommodating 150 students is provided to the learners where they can avail the facilities of newspapers, magazines, question bank and reference books. Near about 18 newspapers and 50 to 60 magazines are made available to students. Teaching and non-teaching members of the college take benefit of this scheme.
  • Computer unit: We are planning to computerize our library and for this we have already started work on it.
  • Reference books unit: Our college teachers, students and researchers avail the facility of this unit where they are provided with variety of reference books like Encyclopedia, Biographies, Dictionaries, Maps, Gazetteers, etc.
  • Book Issue Counter: Three different book issue counters have been made available.
  1. Senior College Students
  2. Post Graduate class Students
  3. Teaching and non-teaching staff issue counter

Token system is implemented for students on weekly basis.

  • Magazine section: We have made available 60 magazines of different subjects in different languages for the benefit of our students, teachers and non-teaching staff too.
  • Students’ Aid Fund Scheme: Under this scheme 3 books are given to poor but needy students for the whole academic year.
  • Newspaper Cuttings Service: Newspaper cuttings from leading daily newspapers are made available to students and teachers.
  • Bachelor of Library Science Course: With the help of Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nashik, our college has been running this course successfully for the last ten years. Many students take benefit of the course every year.

Following is the brief information of books purchased for the last 05 years for the library.

Sr.No. Year Quantity of Books Expenditure
1. 2012-13 737 91841/-
2. 2013-14 665 122178/-
3. 2014-15 900 127782/-
4. 2015-16 552 168780/-
5. 2016-17 432 102586/-


B) Late. Trimbakrao Khursale P.G. Library :

For the facility of post graduate students the college has started a separate unit of library in the main building of the college. Teachers and students in post graduate college use text books, reference books, periodicals, question paper sets from this section. A separate reading hall accommodating 40 to 50 students has been made available for the students. Separate cabins are also provided for P.G. teachers for preparation and counseling.

C) Night Library Scheme :

For all students in the college, this special library is available from August to April. This library is run in the Late Principal B.K.Subnis Hall in Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Hostel campus. This scheme intends to prepare the students for their university exams and competitive exams too. Approximately 200 students avail of this facility.