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Mahatma Gandhi Study Center

UGC Sponsored Mahatma Gandhi studies center was established in the college on 28th sept.2013 with the aim to undertake research and disseminate Gandhi teachings, principles, path and ideals among the students, youth and general public of this region. The center was inaugurated by great thinker and environmentalist H. M. Desarda.

The Gandhi Studies Centre proposes to spread the values of Gandhi such as humanism, democratic, constitutional and other eternal values through various activities for the students and the community. The aims and objectives of Gandhi Studies Centre are to propagate the life and mission of Mahatma Gandhi through diverse socio-educational and cultural Activities. It conducts research studies and extension activities on Gandhi philosophy and Action. The Research conducted by the Gandhi Study Centre seeks to explore new areas and applications of Gandhi Philosophy along with studies on the relevance of Gandhi teachings and their interdisciplinary interface with various disciplines.

The Centre interacts with various departments of the College to have a better interpretation of the trans-disciplinary and multilingual scope of the Gandhi Philosophy and Gandhi Literature. The Centre works under an Executive and Advisory Committee. The activities are streamlined and guided by the Principal of the college who is the Director of the center. There is a fulltime researcher who acts as the non-administrative In-charge and coordinates the activities of the Centre.

The center has a good collection of books on Gandhi Thought and houses more than 1250 books on Mahatma Gandhi out of which about 200 are very rare books. The collection includes the books by Gandhi, and the books on Gandhi published in, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, and Marathi languages.

The college runs Mahatma Gandhi vachankatta to discuss on different books of Gandhiji. We have been conducting the Jagar Lokshahicha Aplya Sarwancha for last four years during 22 January (Swami Ramanand Teerth’s Death Anniversary to 30 January (M.K.Gandhi’s Death Anniversary). Centre implements enrichment programmes and various activities such as lecture series, workshops, seminars, reservation conclaves, get together for deprived classes. (Corporation workers, housemaids, inter-cast married couples). The college conducted shetkari parishad for farmers and Voters’Awareness workshop for voters.

 Objectives of the Center

1) Undertaking research and studies on Gandhian thoughts and their applications.

2) Updating and upgrading the Gandhian library and the reading room with recent books and journals on Gandhi.

3) Collecting rare books, literature, papers, pamphlets, journals, articles, bibliographies, photographs, paintings, chronicles, souvenirs depicting Mahatma Gandhi.

4) Organising seminars, conferences, exhibitions and workshops to promote and propagate Gandhian philosophy.

5) Organising competitions for the students to encourage them to study about Gandhi and the Gandhian way.

6) Organising series of lectures, extension and outreach activities on Gandhian themes to create social awareness.

 7) Working as the information centre about Mahatma Gandhi for the public and the students.

 8) Studying the Indian freedom movement and the Gandhian era in context with the Gandhian influences seen in this region.

 9) Collecting documentary films and other audio-visual materials on Gandhi.

10) Inculcating patriotism and respect for all Freedom Fighters as “Architects of Free India”

 Activities of Gandhi Study Center

Sl. No. Content
1 Mahatma Gandhi Saptah
2 Mahatma Gandhi Baba’s Yatra (Fair) Ujed (Hisamabad), Dist. Latur
3 Gratitude Expression Festival of Sweepers
4 Jeevanotsav
5 Visit To Sevalaya: A Happy Home for HIV Infected Children
6 Indian Constitution, Democracy and Value System
7 Tolerance and Social Harmony
8 Feedback Given by Prominent Speakers or Activists Visited to Gandhi Study Centre
9 Research and Publication
10 Mahatma Gandhi Study Library
11 Mahatma Gandhi Study Centre Feedback
12 Student Centric Activities

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