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Establishment Economics department is one of the reputed and renowned departments of our institute from very beginning. Undergraduate courses in Economics were started since the inception of our college in 1960. The post graduate course was initiated in June 1981. Near about 50/60 students are being admitted for M.A. I class.


Tenure of H.O.D.’s 

Sr. No. Name of the Head Tenure
1 Prof. M. D. Phadhye 1960-62
2 Dr.B.N. Sapare 1962-63
3 Dr. Madhukarrao Gopanpallikar 1963-96
4 Prof. U.D. Wakodkar 1996 –2012
5 Dr. D.C. Chavan 2012-2017
6 Dr. N.V. Hodlurkar 2017- At present


Vision / Mission / Goals

  1. To provide value based education and inculcate sense of social responsibility and good citizenship among  students.

     2) To achieve at least minimum level of competence for moving into the employment market and self                        employment.


  1. Crate a foundation of teaching methods that work.
  2. To motivate students to pursue studies with personality development to stand in competitive environment through student-centric approach.
  3. Strong emphasis on effective design of academic programs and learning environments.
  4. Motivate the students to go through information technology to update their knowledge in the concerned subjects by using internet, websites & E-journals.
  5. Motivate the students to prepare themselves for competitive examination and peruse research studies in the area of economics.
  6. Specialized Knowledge and Application of Skills.


Goals / Objectivies
  1. Simple and lucid style of teaching facilitating learning of concepts and materials of facts and figures.
  2. To provide most comprehensive and up-to-date study material prepared by faculty members covering all important aspects.
  3. Class test evaluated by faculty member including personalized feedback as per the individual requirement.
  4. Time bound course completion.
  5. Complete focus on basic understanding of concepts related with topics.
  6. To provide guidance for NET/ SET examinations.
  7.    Apply economic analysis to evaluate everyday problems.
  8. Understanding  how to use empirical evidence to evaluate an economic argument.


Head of The Department (Present)

Name                : Dr. Hodlurkar N.V.

Education        : M.A., Ph.D.

Contact            : 9850759428









 Graduate Level Course

Sr. No. Name of Courses/ Program Duration Eligibility Intake Capacity
1) B.A. Economics 3 Yrs 12th Pass  120

Postgraduate Level Course

Sr. No. Name of Courses/ Program Duration Eligibility Intake Capacity
1) M.A. Economics 2 Yrs Graduate with Economics Subject 60



Staff Details



Name Designation Qualification



1. Dr. Hodlurkar N.Y. Asst. Prof. M.A., Ph.D.    2
2 Dr. M. D. Kendre. Asst. Prof. M.A.,M.Phil    2


Workload Distribution

Programme Total workload of Department Total workload of permanent Faculty Lecture delivered by temporary Faculty Practical classes handled by Temporary faculty
BA 28 20 8 28.57% No %
MA 28 04 24 85.71% No %



Student Strength  

Class 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
B.A. I 53 86 51 49 37
B.A. II 07 30 45 41 30
B.A. III 07 07 26 34 37
M.A.F.Y.Part 29 24 20 48 25
M.A.S.Y. Part 27 29 23 20 32


Result for the year 2018 to 2023



Papers presented in International,National and State Level Conferences / Seminars / Workshop.

Sr. No. Faculty Name Name of the Paper Name of the Seminars/Conferences/Workshops Organizer & Date



1. Dr. N. V. Hodlurkar Monetary Policy and its Effects on Inflation Recent Trends in Monetary Policy and its Effects on Inflation March-2014 National
2. Dr.N.V.Hodlurkar A Study of Socio-Economic Thoughts of Dr.Babasaheb Ambadekar Contribution of Dr.Babasaheb Ambadekar in Economics Thought Feb-2016 National
3. Dr.N.V.Hodlurkar A Study of Socio-Economic Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi Ari-2016 International
4. Dr.N.V.Hodlurkar GSTand common man Socio Economic Effects of GST Nov-2017 International


1. Research Guidance  

Sr. No.  Name of Scholar Title Date of Registration Name of Supervisor Status Evidences

2. Research Project

Sr. No.  Name of the Teacher Project Title  Name of Funding Agency Duration of the Project Amount Status  Evidences

3. Research Publication

A. Research Papers in Peer-Reviewed or UGC listed Journals

Sr. No.  Title of the Paper Journal Name, Page No. ISSN/ISBN No. Impact Factor No. of Co-Authors

B. Books Published

Sr. No.  Name of the Teacher/ Authors Title of the Book Name of Publication Year of Publication ISBN Scanned copy of Front and Last page of Book

C. Chapters Published in Books

Sr. No.  Name of the Teacher/ Authors Title of the Book Title of Chapters Year of Publication ISBN Scanned copy of Front and Last page of Book

D. Editor of Book with ISSN / ISBN by National Publisher

Sr. No.  Title of the Book Publisher Name and ISSN/ISBN No. International/ National Publisher 

E. Translation works in Indian and Foreign Languages by Qualified Faculties

Sr. No.  Original Title of Chapter or Research Paper/ Book with Page No. and ISSN/ISBN No. Name of Original Author Translated Title of Chapter or Research Paper/ Book with Page No. and ISSN/ISBN No.

4. Creation of ICT mediated Teaching Learning Pedagogy and Content

Sr. No.  Title of Innovative Pedagogy Sponcered agency   (If any) Types of Teaching-learning Environments : Face-to-face/ Networked/ Open and Distance/ Virtual / if any  Specify ICTs resources : web link : YouTube Videos-Audios/ Smart Classroom / Simulation Games/ Blogging / Online Discussion Forums / Telecasts/ Pictures/ Models/ Charts  Date of approval from authority  Date of Implementation 

5. Awards / Fellowship

Sr. No Name of Award / Fellowship  Date of Received  International/National/ State Name of Awardees Academic Body/ Association 

6. Invited lectures / Resource Person / Paper presentation in seminars / Conferences/ Full Papers in conference Proceedings

Sr. No. Name Level Date No. of Participants Report with Photographs 







Power Point Presentation Lesson  by Faculty

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Power Point Presentation
01  Dr. Hodlurkar N.Y.  Click Here to download –>  PPT