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Academic calendar

Academic Calendar  :(15/06/2020 to 31/05/2021)

Month Academic Activity
15th June 2020 Commencement of Academic Year  
First/Second Week of June 2020 Preparation of Academic Calendar and College Activity plan, Time Table 2021
Second/Third Week of June 2020 Staff Meeting and First IQAC Meeting
Last week of June Organisation of Training on Online Teaching Learning Process
15th June to 15 September 2020 Online Admission Process
21st June 2020 Celebration of Yoga Day
26th June 2020

Organisation of General Knowledge exam and Essay Competitions Celebration  of  Rajarshi Shahu Maharj Birth Anniverssary and Social Justice Day.

01 July 2020 Celebration of Late Vasantrao Naik Birth Anniverssary, Rev. Babasaheb Paranjape Death Anniverssary
01 July 2020 Allotment of Time-Table/Academic calendar to all Departments
15 July 2020 Commencement of online Teaching
26th July 2020 Celebration of Kargil Vijay Din
01 August 2020 Celebration of Lokshahir Annabhau Sathe Birth Anniversary and Lokmanya Tilak Death Anniversary by organising Webinar on the Life and Thoughts of Both.
15th August 2020 Celebration of Independence Day

20th August 2020

Celebration of Sadbhavana Din by organising program

23rd August 2020

Celebration of University foundation day by organising the Lecture/Talk for the students and teachers

29th August 2020

Celebration of sports Day

First Week of September 2020

Organisation of National Webinar by Department of Military Science and political Science

05th September2020

Teachers day Celebration By Organising Program/workshop/Seminar

14th September 2020

Hindi Day Celebration

17 September 2020

Celebration of marathwada Mukti Sangram Din

25 September 2020

 Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay Birth Anniverssary

Last Week of September

Organisation of Late B.K. Sabnis Elocution Competition

Last week of September 2020

Orientation program for newly joined students

Last Week of September 2020

Green and Energy Audit

02 October 2020

Celebration of Mahatma Gandhi Birth Anniversary Lal Bhadur Shastri Birth Anniversary

03 October 2020

Rev. Swami Ramanand Terrth Birth Anniverssary  Maharshi Walmiki Birth Anniverssary,  Organisation of Swami Ramanand Teerth Vyakhanmala

First Week of October

Inauguration of Social Sciences/Languages/Commerce Associations

First Week of October

Allotment of Mentees to Mentors

First Week of October 2020

Concept Level test for first year UG students to identify advanced learners and slow learners

First Week of October 2020

Submission of report on identification of advanced and slow learners (in report include pie chart for percentage of advanced and slow learners, measure to be taken for them.

First Week of October 2020

Bridge course, Certificate Courses and Value Added Courses, Competitive Examinations Coaching- Commencement

First Week of October

Submission of Proposals to ICSSR/NAC/Other funding Agencies for Grants for Research/Conferences/Workshops/Seminars

First week of October 2020

Organisation of National Level One Day Seminar/Webinar on New Education Policy by IQAC

Second Week of October 2020

Signing MOUS/Collaborations/Linkages with Industries/NGOS/Organisations/Institutes/Research Institutes

15 October 2020

Celebration of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Birth Anniversary

Third Week of October 2020

Unit Test- I- First Term

Third week of October 2020

Feedback on Curriculum from Students, Stakeholders, Employers, Alumni and Industry people

 Collection, Analysis, and Action Taken. Submission of Consolidated Report to Principal

Third Week of October 2020

Organisation of National Conference/Seminar by Departments of Social Sciences/Languages/Commerce

Last Week of October for First Term

Last week of February for Second Term

Communication to IQAC from each department regarding action/activities taken for advanced learners and slow learners( include Time-Table of Extra lectures, Schedule- name of the activity, resource person, number of students) 

Last Week of October

Second IQAC Meeting

31st October 2020

Celebration of Indira Gandhi Death Anniverssary and Sankalp Din

Sardar Vallabhbahai Patel Birth Anniverssary and National Integration day

One in a Month

Organisation of Workshops for Students- on Career opportunities/Stress Management/ Competitive Exams/Motivation and Counselling/Women Empowerment/Entrepreneurship Development

One in a Month

Initiatives to conduct Workshops and FDPS regarding E-Content Development, NAAC, Quality Enhancement and Teaching Methods

Last Week of October 2020

NIRF Participation

11 November 2020

Celebration of National Education Day

11 November to 20 November 2020

Winter Vacations

14 November 2020

Celebration of Pandit Jawaharlal Neharu Birth Anniversary

19 November 2020

Celebration of Indira Gandhi Birth Anniversary and Rashtriya Ekatmata

Last week of November

Unit Test II- First Term                                                                      

26 November 2020

Celebration of Constitution Day

 November 2020

Field Trips, Industrial Visits, Excursion, Educational Tours, Collaborative Activities

Last week of December

Organisation of Workshops for students by Department of Dramatics and Commerce

Last week of every month

 IQAC Meeting with all Faculty Members

First week of December 2020

Conducting Class Level/College Level Seminar/Group Discussion competition for Students

06 December 2020

Celebration of Mahaparinirwan Din( Death anniversary of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

10 December 2020

Celebration of World Human Rights Day

18 December 2020

Celebration of International Minority Day

November/December 2020

Preparation of AQAR and Submission to NAAC

Second Week of December2020

                Third IQAC Meeting

15th December 2020 to 15th January 2021

Semester End Examination

03rd  January 2021

Celebration of Savitribai Phule Birth Anniverssary

12th January 2021

Celebration of Swami Vivekananda and Rajmata Jijamata Birth Anniversary

National Youth Day

Second Week of January 2021

Higher Education Awareness Campaign and Organisation of General Knowledge Test for the 12th Students from all Junior colleges of Ambajogai Local and Taluka

22nd January 2021

Celebration of Rev. Swami Ramanand Teerth Death Anniversary

22nd January to 30th January 2021

Organisation of Jagar Lokshahicha Aaplya Sarwancha

23 January 2021

Celebration of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Birth Anniversary

25th January 2021

Organisation of Voters’ Awareness Camp

30th January 2021

Celebration of Mahatma Gandhi Death Anniversary and Hutatma Din

January 2021

ISO Certification

Last  Week of January 2021

Submission of Result Analysis of Each Department (0dd Sem)- Paper wise

First week of  February 2021

Academic and Administrative Audit First Term 2020-21

10 February 2021

Organisation of Narhar Kurundkar Lecture Series

Second week of February 2021

Measures to be taken based on academic audit report of each Department – submit schedule, feedback

Second week of February 2021

Organising contact sessions for PG classes

Second Week of February

Parents Meet and Alumni Meet

19 February 2021

Celebration of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Birth Anniversary

Last week of February

Fourth IQAC Meeting

Last Week of February 2021

Unit Test I- Second Term

First Week of March 2021

Organisation of annual Gathering

March 2021

Gender Audit

March 2021

Organising Placement Drive for Third Year and M.A./ M.Com. Second Year Students

12 March 2021

Celebration of Yashwantrao Chavan Birth Anniversary

March 2021

Organising Guest Lectures/Contact Sessions/Seminars/Group Discussions

23rd March 2021

Celebration of Shahid Din

Third/fourth Week of March 2021

 Unit Test-II

11 April 2021

Celebration of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Birth Anniversary

14 April 2021

Celebration of Dr, Babasaheb Ambedkar Birth Anniversary

20th April 2021 to 20th May 2021

Semester end Examination

Third week of May 2021

Submission of PBAS/Individual Profile/Departmental Profile to IQAC

Third Week of May 2021

Academic and Administrative Audit First Term 2020-21

28th April 2021

Celebration of Mahatma Basweshwar Birth Anniversary

Last Week of May 2021

Measures to be taken based on academic audit report of each Department – Action Taken

Last Week of May 2021

Fifth IQAC Meeting


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